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My rest time - building castles in the air

And once again a year has started and is now more than two months old. At the end of 2022, I was looking at how we could work more efficiently can and at the same time still more in balance are with us - learning is easy.

Solution - MY rest

"Everything is restless." I come not at restI hear more and more from people, clients and in my environment. More and more often there was the wish to reconcile more private, professional and personal time and to learn tools. I found a solution in Nir Eyal, who writes in his book Indistractable how timeboxing can be an important tool in planning. Timeboxing is the art of pouring each task or similar task into a time frame and filling the calendar with it. It's not entirely new, new is however the Focus change When entering the boxes. He recommends start with the entry "sleepthen the hobbies and personal appointments and then the professional business appointments. At the latest since the publication of "Why we sleep" by sleep scientist Mathew Walker we know that Sleep the basis for regeneration of our organism is and we learn so more easily and innovate can.

All is well, and this story has led to a fine process of development for many of my clients, and good effect shownt. Except for me. As a coach and trainer, surely that should be easy? It reminded me of a saying my dad quotes as handed down knowledge:

"The cobbler has them worst shoes."

I realized that I don't schedule time to be with me. I don't schedule breaks, or rather, I don't use the breaks to be with myself. briefly check the news, nor fast answering a What's app, analyzing sports scores, making a long-overdue phone call, or just losing myself on the World Wide Web.

Now we would be back to my dad. When he noticed during our New Year's visit that I had myself stressWhen I couldn't play my beloved sport due to an injury and my family and children were challenging me, my phone rang a few days later. The display showed "Dad": he rarely calls, what's going on? I thought to myself. He explained to me which Experience he made with the subject of keeping many balls in the air - the family, the jobs and some other. So in Balance to be. He told me quite openly about the time when he almost couldn't take it anymore, he felt life was very dense. During that time he began to find strategies that changed his life.

It touched me very much, I found myself so caught up and valued felt at the same time. The QuintessenceHis wisdom: "Mark on the calendar My rest one." Not breaks or holes "with nothing planned", but "My rest time". So? It works great. I have noticed that the words MY REST TIME act much differently than entering Pause, Buffer or Nothing.

When I see the calendar entry in the calendar, I'm really looking forward to My rest. In the time itself I am just happy that I have qualitative 15min for me and enjoy the moment - every moment. See what is just there, hear the silence and feel me. Sometimes I just sit there, think again about the words, have a smile on my lips and just say Thank you Papa. Sometimes my dad is my best coach.

Perhaps a bit too romantic, but still fits the theme of a lyric from the John Fox Band: "Noarnkastl schaun, build castles in the air and a bissl trama".. And who needs the scientific facts why our brain exactly this wisdom of my dad's read the book "Life with brains" by Sebastian Purps-Pardigol.

Published by Christoph Black

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