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Christoph Black

, MSc

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I accompany people in their development around their Potential meaningful where they want to be. We evolve, we learn in all of our roles and sometimes it takes a Impulse to be able to take a new perspective here and take the next step. I accompany Managers, experts, teams and organizationsthat they authentic do what makes sense for them and their environment.


#impact #heartwork # innerwork

Since the beginning of my professional career, I have always been fortunate enough to enjoy working and have also always been allowed to step into leadership roles, which means making & learning many mistakes. I think we have a great responsibility to lead and be led. I was allowed to experience early in my sporting career: How do I trust? Who leads in the team? Who do I trust as a coach/trainer?

What is the cooperation like to be successful together? My enthusiasm for sports has also remained with me. In sports, I always learn a lot from the strategies of the best (mental training/coaching). Especially with performances that are so unimaginable, such as marathon running, IronMan. I am also always tinkering with how top athletes (like Hirscher, Thiem, Messi) and also coaches do to be that spark even more focused and bring performances that were previously unimaginable. Who has desire also gladly the "Ted Lasso" look at. (TV series)

Another fascination is Shaolin Kung-Fu, which unites everything in its wholeness. I transfer the insights into coaching and organizations. An essential part also concerns the concept of family. Whether it is stakeholders/shareholders of an organization, whether a team calls itself a family or whether one's own family is talked about in small talk.

About my family, I am happily married, love to play and raise my 2 kids and about me in being a loving dad.

Personally, an ethical framework is important to me, an atmosphere where people feel comfortable and to create levels where access to our creativity and unconscious becomes possible. Thus we can live our full potential.
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