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"Where in the world do I have the work-life balance app?" Coaching in resonance with the zeitgeist

In this day and age, we move so quickly that all the activities that we or others have planned are done. Between the various appointments that are in the "outlock" calendar, the bouquet of flowers at the florist, the ordered book at the bookstore, ("why have I not done online and loaded on the "kindle"? I'm already curious when I'll have time to read") and the red blouse picked up from the dry cleaners.


As we chase from location to location, (kudos to "maps"!) we look at our cell phones while walking, in the parking lot, and while waiting in line at the supermarket checkout. Quickly answering another mail, confirming the appointment, answering the children's question about what's for dinner and whether we can do the driving today.


5:00 p.m. already! Quickly join the scheduled meeting on the train via Skype. Reachable anywhere, available at any time, today we can communicate with each other over long distances in the shortest possible time, where reply letters used to take weeks. You might think that this saves us a lot of time, but isn't it true that short messages cause a lot of misunderstandings. Maybe an emoji can help? (By the way, there are mega cool ones at "telegram").


There is no emphasis, and a punctuation mark misplaced or not can have disastrous consequences... not to mention autocorrect... it sometimes drives me to despair.... And can be sooo embarrassing!!!


And does this save us any time? Hardly... we just hurry even more and in the evening have the feeling that not everything was finished after all, new "to do" lists arise in our head cloud. Many desktop windows that pop up tirelessly, with and without sound.


And our fellow men on "instagram", "facebook" and Co are welcome to participate in all this, cool, already 10 followers more, I'm glad about your "like".


Somehow it also seems that we have less patience. Ordered photos no longer even overnight, but print directly...and rather order via "prime", then it's there the next day and series can be watched directly one after the other, fancy "netflixing" tonight?


Our children and young people have also become faster. The perceptiveness of the younger generation has certainly always been faster than at an advanced age. No wonder, the games that are played online today make me totally dizzy. Why are today's kids into it? Probably because they're fast-paced and have clear rules, so they've moved up another level...


By the way, what is a good metaphor in coaching with young people, they learn with the "resonance method" to use their brain at school in class tests and their preparation like a computer. They use their personal learning computer with the new learning strategies, developed from the latest findings of brain research and already we are back at the start with our resonance coaching with the kids....


Today, teachers and lecturers can see the enthusiasm of students compared to cell phone operation. In other words, the more interesting the lecture, the less on the cell phone.


It's the enthusiastic teachers who bring their students closer to the subject matter in the classroom and engage the students. "Storytelling" in school too, that's interesting.


Incidentally, this also applies to other areas of life, meetings with friends, meals with family, at work, play, ...


Is there really a river with G called Ganges, let's ask "google", or "Siri," which also knows, should "Alexa" not have overheard anyway....


Cell phone presence as an indicator of quality of life and relationship with myself and others.


If we find a full intensity in our everyday life, we turn to it, energy follows it attention.


By the way, a few weeks ago I saw a group of 8 teenagers sitting on a wall waiting for the train. All were on their cell phones, except for one girl in between, she was reading a book.... Really, a book!

I would have loved that photographed and shared directly on "instagram"... but according to DGSVO is no longer so simple ...


When Gandhi was visited one day by a couple of parents to get his advice on how to motivate their child to eat less sugar, he asked them to come back in 3 weeks. Astonished, they came to visit again after that time and asked Gandhi why they should wait 3 weeks. To this he replied that he himself first gave up sugar for 3 weeks so that he could then advise them well.


Well, to be honest, I only manage to go completely offline myself when I'm on vacation and on Sundays. The other days I'm online, in contact with clients, colleagues, customers, via messenger service, SMS, email or even telephone. Incidentally, it's funny how technology sometimes plays into our hands - I don't have cell phone reception at home.


Communication with the help of new media certainly has its advantages:


But let's also take a breath here first and grasp the matter accurately.


In resonance with me and others we explore, teach and learn at the Institut Kutschera in our trainings, seminars and in individual coaching and I do not believe that this is possible online. (The article is from 2018, today I do believe that, because Corona has taught us that this is possible after all).


As the founder of the method Dr. Gundl Kutschera describes it in her book "Dance between Consciousness & Unconsciousness" (Jungfernmann Verlag), "there are different ways how we can bring ourselves into resonance. We have to learn how to use all our five senses to make our physical and psychic apparatus acknowledge all senses equally and we can increase our quality of life in this way."


In our sense of resonance we come through our senses. Some have experienced this at the last BVPPT meeting in November. Via a trance with deep relaxation we dive into our power place, where a full experience becomes possible via our senses.


The most important submodalities of our power source, where we discover our resonance feeling, our very own vibration in the unconscious and take it from there into consciousness, are described with adjectives: bright, colorful, wide, warm, humming, flowing, glittering, spicy, flowery, earthy, free, far, ...


In order to lead a coachee or group there, you need a connection, rapport, so that a process can be set in motion. And of course the calibration, to get to know where the people are at the moment and what effect an intervention, a word, a gesture has on them.


Our coaching with the "Resonance Method" via "Skype" is possible if there is a real connection. In my practice, I handle it in such a way that we first arrange a real coaching session and later continue the process by phone or "Skype". For example, because the coachee lives too far away.


Then, in between real coaching settings, there are one or two remote coaching sessions to further accompany the process.


In remote coaching itself, calibrating, pacing and leading the processes is much more difficult and better possible if real coaching sessions have already taken place. (In the meantime I can also revise this).


Personally, I am a friend of "face to face". After all, our processes lead into the depths. Blockages, usually served over a long period of time, are solved with interventions such as the "windshield wiper" or tapping exercises. And this requires the full attention of our 3 main senses. The processes also go faster because we can intervene directly. With "Skype" there is often a time delay and image and speech are not always in sync. Staying there ourselves in a good, inner state is also a challenge.


And a handkerchief is difficult to pass through the screen, as is a hug when it is needed.


In my opinion, a real solution of blockages and new strategy development can only be achieved if the coachee goes deep into his or her feelings and we as coaches accompany this process in a mindful and loving way, which is why I need my 3 main senses in my work.


After the coaching sessions, I like to use cell phone or email again to communicate with the coachee, briefly write to find out how the prearranged conversation went, the post-op healing process is going, the team members are implementing the new strategy....


Honestly, without my mental learning computer from my training as a children's and youth coach, I would be in a real mess trying to achieve a balance between work and private life so that my mental attention is exactly where my physical body is. After all, "quality time" is what we all want, and it can only be achieved "in real life", "in time" and in "flow", in order to enjoy with all our senses.


By the way, in the text I just wrote I applied autocorrect, changed some passages several times, deleted and copied, analyzed on the net and found that the words and spaces used are approximately the default... Thanks Zeitgeist!


PS: unpaid advertising due to brand naming


Claudia Lichtenberg, 1969,

Trainer at the Kutschera Institute, health coach, child-youth coach, system coach, life and social counselor, lecturer at the Steinbeis Academy.


My Counceling 4.0.Statements in short form:

Privacy: is important... lucky that some of our participants/inside like to post group photos, is a nice promotion and that is not to be underestimated...

Digital: saves paper and luggage... and if the course is rearranged by special needs and topics of the participants, I have all the slide and documents with me.

Mailing: saves many an endless loop on the phone, can also eat up time when appointments are made over several mails.

E Learning: I find boring

Zoom/ Video: helps to work together constructively over long distances, sweatpants and slippers under the neat blouse goes...

Telephone Counceling: I prefer to do this when I've already met the person on the other end, then I can calibrate how the process is going by their voice. Of course, I hear all the better if I close my eyes while I'm doing it.

Flexibility: Appointments can be quickly coordinated and changed via doodle and co.

Zeitgeist: with smoke signals the communication was even more misunderstandable, I go with the time and sometimes at a modified pace, "slow motion".

RegionalityThose who live close to me come to the practice anyway, because it is so cozy there.

Ecology: Skype Coaching saves on gasoline costs, and next year I'll ride my bike to the office more often

Quality: I find is highest in the "face to face" setting.

With all senses: a full experience, ... and there is also tea and coffee, who likes in my coaching practice

Body Mind: and soul in resonance for holistic health and quality of life in all 5 roles professionally and privately

Legal status: not always clear and sometimes laborious

Contact: preferably "in real life

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