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Resonance Evening Fire: Celebrating the Summer Solstice with Your Magic Words




Start at 19:00 Clock

- End around 21:00 Clock


Free of charge


Resonance evening "Fire - celebrate the summer solstice with your magic words".


Litha, is the name of the festival of the sun, which - even if it is sometimes covered by clouds or just warming another part of the earth - is the subject of this resonance evening.

In the middle of this year, we pause briefly in the cycle of your life and illuminate where you might be more active in bringing your inner light outward in the 2nd half of the year, so that it becomes a little brighter in your environment.





Get a ride....


... in your personal year wheel

... to the place of your inner "light switch

... with a small fire ritual (please provide candle and fireproof vessel).

... to even more contact with your soul and connection with nature

... to your real heart's desire

... on a journey of discovery how you can bring others to shine and glow with your inner light of life.



19:00 - 21:00

Organized by

Claudia Lichtenberg





The registration for this event takes place directly via the Institut Kutschera. By clicking on the button you will be redirected to the registration page of the Institut Kutschera.

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