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Family planning and child wishes: An individual coaching offer for individuals and couples





Start at 09:00 Clock

- End on the last day at 12:00 Clock


Individual coaching: 120 (incl. VAT) and couple coaching: 150 (incl. VAT)


Family planning and child wishes: An individual coaching offer for individuals and couples

The question of family planning and the desire to have children is a central issue in life for many people. Some know from the outset that they want to have children, while others are unsure and consider various options. As a coach, I offer individual support for individuals and couples to make this important decision and find a path that suits them best.


Focus on the desire to have children: Joint exploration of options and decision-making aids in coaching

Our coaching sessions are about exploring your own desire to have children and clarifying: "Do I want to have children?". Together we look at the various options available, such as biological children, foster children, adopted children, artificial insemination or a childless lifestyle. Each path has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to consider individual needs and values.

The systemic approach to coaching makes it possible not only to look at personal wishes and fears, but also to explore family backgrounds. Using systemic constellations or other methods, we can uncover and resolve possible blockages. If there are traumas or family patterns that influence the decision, we can work together to process and break through them.


Joint paths to family planning: open communication and coaching for a fulfilling decision

It is important for couples that both partners can express their individual wishes and concerns. Open communication is the key to making a joint decision that is right for both of them. Coaching provides the space to have these conversations and find a path that is fulfilling for both partners.

Family planning is a profound life decision and I am here to support you as a coach. Together we can clearly define your own needs and wishes, overcome potential obstacles and make a decision that suits you best as an individual or as a couple. Let's shape your future together and find the right direction for your family planning.

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