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Your personal place of peace and strength

In my practice, I often meet people who want to relax and come to terms with challenging times. With themselves - regardless of space and place. The last time a great manager had enormous anxiety before a presentation, she really believed she would fail. She never let go of this belief. She heard this inner voice over and over again. The intervention of calm and strength gave her the confidence to go on stage and rock it without any problems. Since that day, she has saved this place for herself and can call it up again and again.


A state of trance
 is an altered state of consciousness characterized by deep relaxation, focused attention and heightened suggestible responses. Trance states can occur naturally, such as when falling asleep or waking up, or can be induced intentionally, for example through meditation, hypnosis or certain ritual practices.


I wish you good relaxation, wonderful insights and a place for you that is always there.


Published by Sabine Tritthart

Austria |

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