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Forest bathing

Forest bathing - immersion in the fullness of nature

We all know how good nature does us, we have known it for thousands of years. The coolness and freshness under the trees, the sounds of the inhabitants of the forest, the clean fresh air, the smell of the trees, the dance of sunlight between the leaves, the taste of the earthy air - appeals to all our senses and provides well-being.
  • In this natural habitat we can experience a state of deep inner relaxation.
  • We can immerse ourselves in nature, feel and experience the primal trust in nature.
  • Bathing in the abundance of nature, washing off everything, cleaning, healing what is not ours.
  • To get to know ourselves, to find our own melody, to perceive our own smell, to hear our heartbeat, to feel our own body in its wholeness-to find our own inner light.

Published by Cordula Walderdorff

Upper Austria |

Austria |