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Rheingau Generations Forest


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Inspired by our tree planting campaign this year at Lake Attersee (yes, where the 4 Gruber children - Pit, Sabine, Georg and Franziska, always go on vacation to grandma and grandpa), we had the idea of planting a resonance forest in Germany as well.

Other enthusiasts were quickly found for this project, the Hl. Kreuz Family Centers Rheingau, Hessen Forst and the city of Geisenheim, and the project was launched.

Rheingau Generations Forest 🌳🌲 from it.


In the spirit of ... "Let us be good ancestors ...", this project is also a gift idea for the benefit of the environment 🌱 and as a sign of hope, sustainability and peace in this day and age.


We plant on March 16, 2024 from 10 a.m. all together in a forest:

350 wild serviceberries, 225 chestnuts and 25 bird cherries on the forest path, in the area just before Stephanshausen, where an area lies fallow.


So if you feel like doing something for the environment or would like to make a symbolic gift of a tree... €20/tree or any financial support, even small, is welcome.


The account number is:

Generational forest (Claudia Lichtenberg)

DE69 5001 0517 5800 8065 33 with ING DiBa


In spring, the plants will be planted and anyone who likes can join in. There will be drinks and food on site to fortify you while you plant together.


Anyone who buys a tree can download the certificate above, print it and give it as a gift.


Please contact Oliver Schiffler by email

or if you would like to take part or would like more information 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳 A flyer is currently in the works, as is the download for the certificate to give as a gift.


PS: You are also welcome to spread the word. 🎁


All my love,

The Rheingau Generations Forest project team



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