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Enjoying the time after the birth: Having time as parents with baby/babies, as a couple and for yourself.

The arrival of a baby is a wonderful event that changes the lives of parents from the ground up. While the time with the new family member is full of joy and love, it can also be challenging. But there are ways to enjoy this special phase while not losing sight of parents' needs.


Parenting with heart and in harmony with each other: consciously shaping sleep patterns and partnership

One of the aspects that many parents are particularly concerned about is the issue of sleeping through the night. Babies often have irregular sleep patterns in the first few months, which can be unnerving for parents. It's important to know that this is normal and that baby's sleep patterns will change over time. By getting support from partners, family or friends and sharing sleep breaks, parents can get enough rest and better enjoy their time with their baby.

Time as a parent couple should not be neglected. It is essential to create moments together and consciously take time for the relationship. Whether it is a dinner together, a walk or a conversation without distractions - these precious moments strengthen the bond and create a good basis for being parents together.


Self-care in parenting: Preserving and nurturing personal interests and hobbies

Working for oneself should not be abandoned just because one has become a parent. It is important to find time for personal interests and hobbies that bring you joy and promote your own well-being. Whether it's a hobby, a creative activity or a sport - these time-outs help to recharge your batteries and to perceive yourself as an individual.


Time after birth: open communication and strategic family planning

While the postpartum period is a time of adjustment, couples can also talk about their family planning. It makes sense to consider together when and how additional children might fit into the family. Open communication and consideration of the needs and wishes of both partners create clarity and enable a well thought-out decision.


Encouraging independence: The importance of leaving babies alone for short periods

An important aspect that is often overlooked is that babies can also learn to be left alone. It is healthy to give the baby the opportunity to spend short periods of time without direct parental presence. This promotes the baby's independence and confidence in his own abilities.

The time after birth is a precious phase in the life of a family. By paying attention to their own needs, strengthening themselves as a couple and mastering the challenges of parenthood together, parents can fully enjoy this time and emerge stronger.

Published by Stefanie Erker

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