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High sensitivity: a key competence for the future of leadership?




In an increasingly complex and fast-paced world, the ability to perceive information subtly and react to it sensitively is becoming ever more important. However, high sensitivity, a characteristic that is often seen as a burden, could be a crucial resource for the futureBe the fifth. Elaine Aron, a pioneer in the Area of high sensitivityemphasizes the importance of this characteristic and its potential for individual and social development.


High sensitivity is a personality trait characterized by an increased sensitivity to sensory stimuli and emotional impressions. People who are highly sensitive perceive their surroundings more intensely and react more sensitively to stimuli such as noise, brightness and interpersonal interactions. For many years, high sensitivity was often seen as a weakness to be overcome. But increasingly, psychologists and researchers like Aron are recognizing that High sensitivity also numerous Strengths and potential harbors.


Aron's research shows that around a fifth of the population is highly sensitive. In a world characterized by a multitude of complex problems, the ability to perceive subtle nuances and develop deep emotional insights could become an invaluable asset. Especially in the area of Leadershipwhere the leadership of teams and organizations requires a high level of emotional intelligence, highly sensitive people could play an important role. play a decisive role.


One of the key skills of high sensitivity is the ability to look at problems from different angles and develop innovative solutions. Through their Strong empathy and intuition highly sensitive people are often able to recognize complex interrelationships and creative solutions that remain hidden to others. This ability can be particularly useful in times of change and uncertainty. invaluable be.


In addition, high sensitivity could also serve as a tool for dealing with the challenges of Generational transition in the world of work to cope. With a growing proportion of highly sensitive employees in companies, it is becoming increasingly important for managers to recognize and promote their needs and potential. By taking a supportive and appreciative working environment managers can encourage highly sensitive employees to realize their full potential and contribute innovative ideas.


However, in order to unfold the full potential of high sensitivity, it is important to develop this to specifically train and promote their skills. Managers and companies should develop programs and training that support highly sensitive people in recognizing and developing their abilities. By creating a culture of appreciation and acceptance, they can organizations benefit from the diversity of perspectives and ideasn which highly sensitive employees contribute.


In a world characterized by uncertainty and change, high sensitivity could become a valuable resource that enables us to break new ground and find innovative solutions. By recognizing and promoting the competence of high sensitivity as a gift of the future, we can create a world in which everyone can develop their full potential.


The principle of resonance - The resonance method of Dr. Gundl Kutschera is an answer to raise and live these potentials and abilities.






Published by Christoph Black

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