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Self-leadership as a leadership competence




Start at 17:00 Clock

- End around 20:00 Clock


Regular: €149,- (incl. VAT) | Launch Price: €99,- (incl. VAT)


The demands placed on managers have changed dramatically in recent years. Agile working methods and New Work demand a rethink at many levels. Specialist knowledge alone is no longer sufficient to successfully lead employees.


In addition to flexibility, creativity, empathy and strategic thinking, one key factor is essential: self-leadership. Because if you want to lead others, you must first be able to lead yourself.

Successful managers understand their employees and know how to use their talents correctly and motivate them to perform at their best.


What awaits you?

In this 3-hour workshop, we will explore the following topics:

  • How can I work passionately and happily without slipping into burn out?
  • What do I need for an inner attitude as a leader to achieve external impact and success in the team?
  • How do I find the calm I need to keep my focus on what is important and to be able to deal with difficult situations?
  • How can I create a team spirit that makes people want to do their best?
  • How can I create a good life balance and feel really alive?



When is this resonance workshop interesting for you?  


When you...

... you are in a leadership position and want to improve communication and cooperation in your team

(-> by the way: parents also lead! 😉)

... want to increase your resilience to better deal with challenging or difficult situations

... take responsibility and want to (re)find the joy in it

... want to stand up for yourself and what is important to you

... want to create a framework for your team that enables best performance

... want to be there for your team without constantly going beyond your own limits


You get:


  • 3 hours full theoretical and practical Inputs from brain research, applied psychology and the resonance method. Incl. relaxation techniques, meditation, tools for daily use in everyday life, sharing and a Q&A.
  • The workshop is kept as analog as possible and as digital as necessary - interactive and still within your own 4 walls!
  • Get these inputs to your home and your life.
  • For good cooperation, respectful togetherness and joint success!





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