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Resonance evening: Spring - feeling lightness in being and togetherness




Start at 19:00 Clock

- End around 21:00 Clock


Free of charge


"When it is time that the key to heaven falls to earth and opens the door to springen and opens gates..." 


Let yourself be taken along by the gift of your breath and celebrate with us the uniqueness in togetherness. Just as every seed, whether consciously planted in the earth or carried by the wind and "accidentally" found a home in the earth, brings its seed to bloom.  

On this resonance evening, we focus our attention on the new beginning, just as nature awakens powerfully at Ostara in spring, the dewdrops glisten in the early morning, the first rays of sunshine warm us and the lightness of being takes us on a journey.  


Get a ride.... 

... on a journey between the balance of lightness and being 

... into the differences of viewing Dissociated and enjoying Associated. 

... to even more contact with your soul and connection with nature 

... to your real heart's desire 

... on a journey of discovery how you can live securely and at the same time freely in your relationships, privately and professionally. 


You are also welcome to join the whattsapp special - about once a month you will receive a short impulse on your cell phone.

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Organized by

Claudia Lichtenberg





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