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Coaching & Nature: Spring Retreat





Start at 13:30 Clock

- End on the last day at 15:30 Clock




In spring, nature begins to blossom and unfold its colors. Would you like to find out what you want to create this year?

  • Where does your energy flow to?
  • Which areas of life are important to you - professional, private, health, creativity, leisure, sport, further education, family, ... ?
  •  What should perhaps become more lively, more joyful or different? And where is it already good?

The clearer and more aware we are of this, the easier and more intuitive it is to align our thoughts and actions accordingly.


2 days to recharge your batteries, find clarity and lightness for everyday life. The combination of nature, physical exercises, movement and coaching sessions make these two days a powerful and invigorating break. 

My coaching colleague Simone Böhm and I offer the nature retreat at the Waldglück Lodge in Hirschbach (near Nuremberg) in the middle of woods, meadows, rocks and a stream.


That's what it's all about ...

  • Clarity and orientation for the coming year
  • Status quo: what do you want to make bloom this year?
  • Discover your needs
  • Bring playful lightness to what you do
  • Get to know your vitality again
  • What is your focus this year?
  • Methods for achieving goals and for implementation strength
  • Strategies for resilience in everyday life
  • Freedom and self-determination for your life
  • Element air
  • Enjoy the time for yourself

You will learn powerful strategies from the resonance method that you can use at any time in your everyday life. They will bring your body, heart and mind into harmony.


What you can expect ...

  • Andrea & Simone as systemic resonance coaches
  • Location for us alone in the middle of nature
  • Experience nature as a source of strength
  • A beneficial combination of nature, mind journeys, physical exercises, movement, individual and group coaching
  • Diverse methods for strengthening everyday life
  • A confidential group, max. 7 participants
  • Personal seminar documents
  • Extensive catering during the seminar times

Event location

Waldglück Lodge

Rock house 80


Hirschbach (near Nuremberg)


| Germany


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Organized by

Andrea Rundel




Registration for this event is through my website or an external link.