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Christina Müller-Thayer









I accompany young adults with curiosity to discover their talents and abilities. I see my task in leading people into their own responsibility in order to master life in a meaningful way and with ease. Students and apprentices are the leaders of tomorrow, so let's educate them with self- and social competence, so that we can celebrate success together.


  • Elementary Educator
  • Resonance child and youth coach
  • Psychological counselor ISO certified
  • Resonance trainer for apprentices and trainers
  • Life and social counselor
  • Energetic
  • Certified Flight Attendant and Board Sommelier
  • Country ski instructor
  • Mom of two children, 5 and 12 years (i.A.)


Work experience

  • Teambuilding and mission statement processes for schools and companies
  • Trainings with apprentices and trainers of excellent training companies in Tyrol
  • Trainings at various schools and kindergartens in Austria on the topics "Self- and Social Competence" and "Learning Easier" according to the Resonance Method
  • Managing Director and Coordinator of the Health Lounge Eisenstadt (Nomination for the Burgenland Innovation Award 2012)
  • Leadership of workshops "Strong for life", "Healthy for the future", "From having to want to".
  • Summer camps for children and teenagers in Salzburg
  • Mission statement processes, onboarding for young teams and existing successful companies, inner state management


Education and training

  • Group leader at Rainbows for guidance for children and adults in stormy times
  • Annual supervision at the Kutschera Institute
  • Workshops for ADHD and dyslexia
  • Professional training Kindertuina

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